Changes abound in local sports scene

By SUSAN RIDDELL State Journal Sports Writer Published:

Movies likes Hoop Dreams and Hoosiers had nowhere near the amount of drama Frankfort has seen this summer, mainly coming from a sport reserved for the confines of a gym on a cold, winter's night.

But if Frankfort had to come up with movie titles for this local version, they would no doubt be titled Hoop Screams or Who's Your Coach?

This summer has been one of the most exciting (and confusing) in recent years, because the boys of summer have not been the baseball players and the golfers, but rather the coaches of the local high school basketball teams.

In years past, summer basketball talk in this community has been restricted to an occasional AAU tournament and the latest news on some of the top local players. Those topics, however, have received merely an occasional mention the past several weeks thanks to the coaches on the move.

Frankfort graduate Chris Current is going to be playing for Rick Pitino and the sure-to-be-ranked Louisville Cardinals. When's the last time an area basketball player has joined a team of that prominence.

Best we can recall, not in the last 20-plus years.

And the Pitino factor alone is enough to make this interesting. He's loved by some and hated by many around here. How is Current going to do in this environment and why hasn't the community been talking more about that?

Because Frankfort High coach Scott Chalk pulled a Pitino-like move when he resigned to coach Panther archrival Franklin County.

Chalk spent nearly a decade helping the Panthers re-ignite a once-heated rivalry with the Flyers and on one June afternoon, he single-handedly doubled the intensity of it.

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