Coaches dominate top stories

State Journal Staff Report Published:

There was no doubt in The State Journal sports department that the top local sports story of 2003 was going to be the drama which unfolded this summer among the prep basketball coaches.

It was madness.

In just a few shorts weeks, all six prep teams had new head coaches, some crossing enemy lines, some returning home, and some jumping onto the city coaching carousel for the first time.

It wasn't even close.

Everyone was talking about it, wondering who was going to make the next move, and if it was going to involve another local school.

So it's with sadness, not madness, that the coaches of summer have been bumped to a runner-up finish as the top sports story of 2003.

To the coach of fall, who took one, literally.

The firing of Kentucky State men's basketball coach Winston Bennett is the top local sports story of the year. Bennett's firing and subsequent downfall shocked Frankfort and the Thorobred community.

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