Hellard steps down as WHHS girls basketball coach

By Linda Younkin Published:

Jody Hellard has resigned as the girls head basketball coach at Western Hills.

Hellard, who had been the head coach for the past two seasons, started a new job earlier this month at CHI in Lexington. He was hoping to be able to continue coaching, too, but the hours at his new job has made that impossible.

WHHS went 13-44 during Hellard’s two years at the school.

Prior to that he spent two years as the girls head basketball coach at Frankfort High. The Lady Panthers were 22-33 during Hellard’s tenure, improving to 11 wins his first season after FHS had posted three victories the previous year.

He has also served as an assistant coach for girls basketball at Franklin County.

Hellard expressed disappointment at having to resign from WHHS.

“I loved coaching those girls,” Hellard said.

He also expressed his gratitude to WHHS principal Rita Rector and assistant principal Greg Lawson.

“They absolutely were my two biggest supporters,” Hellard said.

Hellard is also the commissioner for the City of Frankfort Parks, Recreation and Historic Sites’ summer girls softball program.

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  • Previous comment from FedUp...RIDICULOUS

  • This is too Pwoodri... Jody never cared for the girls. If he did he would have left a long time ago. He did things that no coach should ever do.. He would tell the girls stuff like "if you all want me to leave and not coahc next year, all you hav eot do is say so and I will resign. What kind of coach says that to his players??? I could go on for days with stuff like this.. everyone is better off this way. I wish him nothing but success in whatever he does.. He just isnt a coach and that is okay. Not everyone can be a coach.

  • Summer Girls Parks and Rec is not a joke itsmybizness. It may not be great like it was five years ago but that is due to the lack of parents getting their children involved in activites other than sitting in front of the tv all day long. You can not have a GREAT summer ball league with little to zero players. Maybe parents should involve their chilren in more activites during the summer. Jody runs that just fine.

  • Jody will be sadly missed. I hope they hire someone who cares as much as he did.

  • he needs to resign from the parks and rec too.... summer girls softball program? that's a joke!