Juniper Hill Men's Club Championship tee times


The Juniper Hill men’s club championship will be played Saturday and Sunday at Juniper Hill Golf Course.

Barney Sutley, last year’s winner, isn’t playing in this year’s tournament.

The tee times for Saturday’s round are listed below. All groups will tee off at No. 1.

7:30 a.m. – Gary Horne, Paul Hiser, Darrell Green.

7:40 – Marvin Hedden, Terry LaFontaine, Bill Trigg.

7:50 – Steve Bolin, Brian Kays, Ricky May, Keith McNeil.

8 – Dick Brown, Jimmy Harrod, Joe Brown, Richard MacDonald.

8:10 – Bennie Thurman, James McCarthy, Donnie Rodgers, Donnie Tingle.

8:20 – Bob Faesy, Vic O. Refalo, Bob Detwiler, Eddie Riddle.

8:30 – Jeff MacDonald, Taylor Manley, Steve Redmon, Barry Wise.

8:40 – Terry Paige, Billy Woodside, Chad Wiard, Scott Kays.

8:50 – Tommy Hughes, Alan Smith, Joey Holbert, Fred Brashears.

9 – Russell Bledsoe, James Rice, Jim Beirne, Dennis Roush.

9:10 – Terry Magel, Bryan McCoy, Nonie Buquid, Danny Courtney.

9:20 – Elic Jones, Jimmy Clem, Bill Bell, Neville White.

9:30 – Bob Robinson, Bob Sharfe, John Yoshizawa, Monty Owens.

9:40 – Terry Denny, Jeffrey Roberts, Don Mattingly, Steve Beers.

9:50 – John Hodgkin, R. Scott Tippett, Richard Eversman, Thomas Riffe.

10 – Danny Bailey, Raymond Casey, Marty Young, Danny Quire.

10:10 – Seth Dawson, Lemoyne Pilcher, Grant Sudduth, Jack Conwey.

10:20 – Elgie McFayden, Harold Moore, Barry Harrod, Brad Reynolds.

10:30 – Bendon Woody, David Mahoney, Tom Dobson, Kevin Shipp.

10:40 – Warren Mitchell, Mike Rodgers, Bert White, David Herrera.

10:50 – Bill Burleson, Bob Newton, Greg Simpson, Troy Woody.

11 – Kris Perry, Kevin Whitaker, Mark Coleman, Darrell Smith.

11:10 – Ben Boggs, B.J. Hurst, Gary Sharfe, Blake Bolin.

11:20 – Jeff Strange, Todd Combs, Benjamin Hinson, Gary Holbert.

11:30 – Gary Smith, Jim Thompson, Doug Marshall, Jon Tandy.

11:40 – David Hicks, Rex Fowler, Bill Woolums.

11:50 – Nick Wilkins, Sean Rodgers, Jon Aydt.

Noon – Drew Hockensmith, Tom Russell, David Dean.

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