Volleyball: Lady Wolverines roll over Henry

By Emily Patton Published:

In three games, the regular season will be over for Western Hills’ volleyball team. But the Lady Wolverines are trying to make those games count.

WHHS (13-16) is on a roll heading into the district tournament with a 3-0 (25-14, 26-19, 25-17) win over Henry County at Lapsley Cardwell Gymnasium Tuesday night.

“I think they’re working harder,” head coach Kristi Buffenmyer said. “They got tired of losing and found out, ‘Hey we can do this and hey, we’ve got to do this, because it is going to be over pretty soon.’ They bought into some things we’ve been trying to teach them and they’ve realized it is in their hands. They’ve got to take care of it.”

Tuesday night, WHHS did take care of it. In the first game against Henry County, the Lady Wolverines opened up a huge lead 23-12 and won it 25-14 with a kill from Amy Mauer. 

In the second game, the Lady Wolverines took a 4-0 lead before HCHS pulled within one point. A block from senior Nenna Eneje and then another kill from Mauer secured the WHHS lead. The Lady Wolverines won the second game 25-19, leading the game 2-0.

WHHS continued its dominance leading early in the third game and holding off a late Wildcat rally to win 25-17. 

“It feels great,” Eneje said of the comfortable victory. “We are all working together and we all love each other. It hasn’t always been the case in the last years. Now, everybody gets along.

“I really don’t want it to end. As long as we keep winning, I don’t have to stop playing.”

It’s this newfound joint play that Buffenmyer said is the most enjoyable thing for her to witness as a coach. 

“This is a special class because they have been through so much,” she said. “I don’t think I’ve ever had a senior class who has been through so much. We had different personalities and came from different schools. They had to find their way on the team. They had to get to know each other. These aren’t kids who have always been together. They’ve just started being around each other four years ago, so they had to learn to click.”

And they’re clicking now. WHHS is on a three-game win streak and has won six of its last seven matches.

“This class deserves this,” Buffenmyer said. “Their freshman year they won one game, their sophomore year they won four and junior year they won eight. They’ve won more right now than they have in three years altogether.”

It means wins aren’t taken for granted on the Lady Wolverine squad.

“Every win is special,” Eneje said. 

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