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Here are the recent high scores from Capital Bowl.

Pewee High Game

Calvin Creech 113

Wyatt Shelburne 117

Tanner Park 102

Pewee High Series

Calvin Creech 224

Wyatt Shelburne 216

Tanner Park 200

Bantam High Game

Zachary McKinney 175

Job Bush 157

Junior High Game

Cameron Ritter 155

Mens Senior High Game

Jeff Combs 214

Mens High Game

Mike Barker Jr. 228

Randy Morgan 246

Womens High Game

Casey Jackson 201

Capital City


Men High Series

Charlie Donovan 552

Doug Saunderson 578

Fred Brashears 508

Dave McCann 575

Jim Robinson 509

Don Mattingly 506

Harold Cunningham 587

Hank Yoke 512

Men Games

Doug Sanderson 254

Dave McCann 201

Harold Cunningham 207

Women High Game

Pat Moss 214

Women High Series

Pat Moss




Shirley Boggs – 2nd place

Hunter Bowden – 2nd place

Chris Eversale – 2nd place

Leigh Ann Fallis – 1st place

Mike Gill – 3rd place

John Good – 2nd place

Bobby Gordan – 5th place

Elizabeth Haack – 3rd place

Angie Hall – 3rd place

Dustin Hartman – 2nd place

Colin Martin – 4th place

Dora Moore – 3rd place

Tim Peck – 1st place

Ronnie Rice – 3rd place

Kevin Smith – 4th place

Brenda Sparks – 4th place

John Sullivan – 2nd place

Tamara Updike – 2nd place

Tiffany Walker – 4th place

William White – 1st place

Peggy Wiard – 1st place

Doubles with

Unified Partners

Douglas Duff with unified partner Chris Eversalee – 2nd place

David Fallis with unified partner Leigh Ann Fallis – 3rd place

Camden Good with unified partner John Good – 1st place

John Sullivan with unified partner Bobby Gordan – 2nd place

Angie Hall with unified partner Charles Hedger – 3rd place

Teams are coached by Mary Dee Boemker and Tim Sullivan.

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