Final set for tonight in Major League; Mets to play Dodgers

Special to The State Journal Published:

The championship game of the Major League baseball tournament will be tonight at 6 at Paul Weddle Field.
The Dodgers will be playing the Mets that beat the White Sox Wednesday night, 14-9. Here are the results of the first four tournament games.
Chenault & Hoge Cubs 6, McDonald’s Reds 2
Charlie Hancock went 3-for-3 for the Cubs with three singles.
Also getting hits were William Arflack with two singles, Wyatt Strasburger with a double, and Zach Bailey and Hunter Durr each with a single.
Strasburger, Bridges Hardin and Bailey pitched for the Cubs and combined for nine strikeouts.
Getting hits for the Reds were Jake Hanna with a triple and single, Jack Caldwell with a double and single, Preston Farley with two singles, Cameron Phelps with a double and Andrew Roberts with a single.
Hanna and Caldwell pitched and combined for 11 strikeouts.
Civitan White Sox 4, Larry Cleveland Indians 2
The White Sox scored four runs in the fifth inning after falling behind 2-0 in the third.
Brady Hockensmith hit a double and single for the White Sox, Adrian Gordon singled twice, and Jerry Brewer and Jerod Winters had a single apiece.

Brewer pitched for the White Sox and struck out 15 batters.
Those with hits for the Indians were Sam Feldman with a double and single, Matthew Tingle with two singles, and Sawyer Hulette, Josh Webb and Wyatt Smith each with a single.
Skylar Sutton pitched for the Indians and had 12 strikeouts.
VFW Mets 5, Investors Heritage Giants 1
The Mets overcame a 1-0 deficit with five runs in the fifth inning.
Landon Way and Devon Watts both hit doubles for the Mets, and Tate Farmer, Clay Bowman, Sam Parker and Drake Leebyrd each hit a single.
Brandon Webb pitched for the Mets and recorded 16 strikeouts.
Kaelin Bay singled for the Giants’ hit. Kyle Sheets, Kyle Bay and Kaelin Bay pitched and struck out eight batters.
Elks Lodge 530 Dodgers 11, Chenault & Hoge Cubs 2
Jacob Lewis hit a home run and double for the Dodgers, and Andrew Schultz hit two doubles and a single.
Aspen Combs doubled twice, Aiden Leitch and Jeff Wheatley each hit a double and single, and Ezarious Roller and Marcus Steele had a single apiece.
Lewis was the Dodgers’ pitcher and struck out 14 batters.
The Cubs’ hit was a double by Wyatt Strasburger. Bridges Hardin and Zach Bailey pitched, and they combined for eight strikeouts.

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