Teamwork on and off the pitch

Casa Fiesta indoor soccer team goes undefeated

By John Minor Published:

Miguel Lopez, a worker at Casa Fiesta, wanted to get his coworkers to play a sport.
“We talked to everybody and decided to make a team,” Lopez said. “I lead the team and we come to be in the third division indoor soccer league in Lexington. I motivated everybody to do something different and enjoy ourselves and just pushed everyone to play indoor soccer.”
In the indoor soccer league, teams compete in 25-minute halves. There are six members of each team on the field at once, including a goalie. Outdoor soccer has 11 players on each side.
“At the beginning when we started playing, we didn’t know how we would do because they play really fast, the push of the ball is quick, you got to prepare for the pass, make sure you have a really good goalie because you never know when they will shoot.”
The first two seasons the team advanced to the quarterfinals.
“That was a good start, but we wanted more,” Lopez said.
The team expanded from just Casa workers and several of the others were also restaurant workers.
And this past season, the team went an undefeated 11-0 and claimed the title.
“We’ve come to make this team very solid and very strong,” Lopez said. “We beat every single team to the end all the way to the championship.”
This accomplishment came with very little practice.
“It was hard for us to practice because we get off work at 10 at night, drive all the way to Lexington to play at 11 p.m.,” Lopez said. ‘We practiced while we were on. We just touched the ball a little bit for five minutes and were ready to go.”
After bringing home the trophy around a month ago, the team is at it once again, but this time in the second division.

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