Paying it forward

KSU president helps student-athlete with internship fee

By Linda Younkin Published:

Since finding out he’d been accepted for an internship early next year in New Zealand that would require him to raise $5,000 for a program fee, Kentucky State University senior Deshon Floyd has been working nonstop to come up with the funds.
Until Friday morning.
That’s when KSU President Raymond Burse showed up at the Thorobreds’ football practice, presenting Floyd with a letter that stated he would pay for the remainder of the money needed for the internship.
The presentation kicked off “100 days of Pay It Forward Frankfort.”
“I had no idea,” Floyd said. “Coach (Josh) Dean said the president was coming to practice, and I thought we’d show him what Thorobred football is all about.
“I was speechless, and I teared up a little bit. It’s been such a long road to this point.”
Floyd, a 2010 graduate of Frankfort High School, is set to graduate from Kentucky State in December with a double major in criminal justice and psychology.
He has a 3.94 grade-point average.
Floyd’s done this while playing football for the Thorobreds for the past three years.
Along with school, working at the pool this summer and football, Floyd’s been working to raise money for his internship.

“It had been going pretty well,” he said about the fund-raising. “Things have been a little stagnant because I’ve been at football camp.
“I’ve been working out, working, making calls, making presentations, sending emails. I’ve been going 24-7, and when I laid down I knew I’d get up and do it again.”
That’s all over now for Floyd and his girlfriend, Vegas Villamar, who’s been helping him raise money.
“I was just speechless,” Floyd said. “The football team has been supportive; everyone’s supported this. This is just great.
 “Terry Horton, a linebacker on the team, had a role to play. He’s Mr. KSU and a great friend of mine.”
Floyd had talked to Horton about raising money for his internship.
“He said he’d help me, that he’d go talk to some professors,” Floyd said. “One of the professors talked to President Burse.”
Floyd will be doing his internship through CISabroad and will consult with the organization about the exact amount he needs to reach $5,000.
Floyd said he hadn’t talked to Burse before Friday.
“I’ve seen him on campus,” Floyd said. “I saw him on moving day, but we were so busy moving people in I didn’t get a chance to speak with him.
“He’s been on campus, he’s been around. It’s great to see some positive energy, to get some positive news.
“It’s beautiful.”


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  • Kudos to Dr. Burse, again. Maybe the search committee will stall and we'll get the benefit of his leadership a little longer. What a contrast with previous regime.

  • Bruce Cassidy would be proud