Report ranks most stressed cities

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By Christina Sturgis

The latest list of top 10 cities for stress is lacking one thing: Bluegrass. A look at the pageant of pressure-cookers may make you appreciate your Frankfort home. ranked the most stressed out cities in America and found that East and West Coasts are well-represented. Washington, D.C., topped the list, followed by New York City – thanks in part to the percentage of income residents spent on rental housing – and Miami, San Francisco, Jersey City, N.J., and Oakland, Calif. In seventh place is Chicago – the only Midwestern burg on the list – followed by Newark, N.J., Philadelphia and Los Angeles.

The criteria for the list was “usual work hours,” unemployment, cost of living and crime rate. Washington, D.C., topped the list with a stress-provoking reduction in work hours as collected by the U.S. Census Bureau. Men went from 41.2 to 41.4 and women went from 37.7 to 37.5 over the course of the study. Unemployment is 4.5 percent in the nation’s capital.

Those figures don’t seem that stressful. The blood pressure rises in the District of Columbia due to a combination of lengthy commutes, a high cost of living and a relatively high crime rate. The average commute is 29.4 minutes; the cost of living is 143 on the Sperling’s Best Places scale where 100 is the national average. Nearby Arlington, Va.; has an even higher cost of living, 176 on the scale where the national average is 100.The culprit is housing, scoring 350 on the same scale.

Crime in the nation’s capital is 9 on violent crime and a 6 on property crime on a scale where the national average is 4.

The Census Bureau doesn’t compile normal work hours for a city has small as Frankfort, but Louisville lost hours from 38.7 to 38.1 and Cincinnati lost hours from 38.6 to 38.2 in the years studied.

Frankfort surpasses many commutes with its short commutes: the mean traveling time to work for Frankfort is 15 minutes, compared to 22.7 minutes for the Bluegrass State as a whole and 25.4 minutes for the United States. Washington’s notorious Beltway has a commuting time just over 29 minutes. Frankfort compares favorably to Washington, D.C., scoring a 5 on both violent and property crime.

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