While pet owners take a vacation, their dogs can have their own at the Frankfort Tin Woof! Inn.

The inn, which offers pet boarding, day care services and more, opened last week, owner Scott Templeton said. He runs the business with his wife, Gale, as well as other Tin Woof! Inn locations in Morehead and Ashland.

Templeton said that he and Gale have been in the pet industry since 1993 and the Frankfort store is the couple's 18th project. Tin Woof! Inn is on 110 Northgate Drive, near the intersection of U.S. 421 and U.S. 127.


Worldwide Duel in the Pool was Tin Woof! Inn's first event and was held over Memorial Day weekend. The event was part of DockDogs, which is a canine aquatics competition, its website said. Trials include "Big Air," which is a long jump for dogs, and "Speed Retrieve," which is a timed event. The Frankfort Tin Woof! Inn is one of more than 50 DockDogs affiliates, according to the DockDogs website.

Something unique about the Frankfort location is that it has the first DockDogs-sanctioned facility with an in-ground pool in DockDogs' 20-year history, Templeton said. The location also has an indoor aqua therapy pool to help dogs recovering from injuries or older dogs with arthritis or other joint pain.

"Our primary business is boarding," Templeton said. Tin Woof! Inn charges $38 a night, which includes feeding, play time, pool use and giving medicine, he said. He said other boarding services may charge based on each service.

Tin Woof! Inn also provides a day care service, which includes play time for dogs and pool use. Templeton said that the business also has extensive performance training for dogs. This can range from obedience training for puppies to agility training.

The Frankfort Tin Woof! Inn will offer grooming services in the future, but it is  in the process of interviewing groomers, Templeton said. The business also includes a retail operation for various pet items and tools.

Templeton said Tin Woof! Inn chose Frankfort among 15 potential locations in Kentucky based on a formula the company uses to determine potential number of boarding nights, and Frankfort had a high outcome on that formula. He also said that tourist attractions in the area, like Buffalo Trace Distillery, and the proximity to Lexington, Louisville and Cincinnati has the potential to bring in Tin Woof! Inn customers.

When starting the process to open the business, Templeton said he found that Frankfort has been receptive of new ventures coming to the area. He said that while working with the planning office and city inspectors, it felt like they want owners to be set up for success. Some residents have also stopped by the business and interacted with its Facebook page to ask about Tin Woof! Inn.

"We are putting our financial business on the line and this is a great way to start off," he said.

Templeton said that he has been involved with different businesses like Tin Woof! Inn since 1993. He first managed a business called Petropolis in St. Louis that had seven pet care businesses, such as grooming, boarding and day care, under one roof and worked with a veterinarian later in his career. He said through those experiences, he learned that there is a value in having pet care services under one roof.  

The reviews of the Ashland location posted on Google are very positive, with 4.9 stars from 19 reviews. "This place is amazing! My dogs don't even say bye anymore, they're too excited to be there," one reviewer said.

The Templetons are dog owners themselves and raise several Australian shepherds and border collies. Gale has placed in national agility competitions and she has qualified for the Australian Shepherd Nationals six times.

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