You can finally slay dragons or travel to the future to fight in a war in Frankfort.

Raven's Landing, a store focused on tabletop wargaming, board games, role-playing games and more, is slated to open soon at 825 E. Main St. 

While Raven's Landing is not officially open, people are stopping by to play games at the location and the store is taking orders for products. Owner Jamie Evins said 10 or more players attend each game. The store has a regular core group of about 40 members. He aims to have the store open later this summer. 

Raven's Landing comes at a time of heightened tabletop gaming interest nationwide, thanks to depictions of tabletop games in shows like "Stranger Things" and "Community" as well as podcasts surrounding tabletop games garnering millions of downloads.

A January article from the Guardian said that Kickstarter fundraisers for tabletop games raised $165 million in 2018, up 20% from the previous year in that category. 

Evins' desire to open his store came from his own group of friends and opportunities springing up. Before owning the store, he mostly worked retail and restaurant jobs. While playing a game with his friends, he talked about how it would be nice to expand their group. He also noticed the storefront on East Main that was open and he decided to roll the dice. 

As for the creation of the store's name, Evins wanted the name to evoke the feel of an old-time inn or tavern, which can be a large part of the setting for some of the games. He envisions the store becoming a gathering place for locals.

Frankfort already has a gaming community, based around games like the futuristic Warhammer 40,000 and classic fantasy role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons, but many still travel to Lexington to play or get game supplies.

The Frankfort store will also be a place for younger kids to have a safe space to hang out when not at school. 

"Part of the reason (that I want to open the store) is to bring this to people and make it a little more available. Some of the pricing is out of reach, especially for new people who are trying to get into the hobby," Evins said. 

In addition to playing games and purchasing them, Raven's Landing will offer other hobby products like painting supplies and terrain that is used in games. Evins plans to have a consignment-like service, allowing people to sell games that they haven't used to the store or try a game out in-store before buying it. 

To get in touch with the store, Evins encourages customers to use the store's Facebook page, which will have information about upcoming events and games as well as how to order products. 

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