Business Spotlight: Finance and consulting company Deloitte opens Frankfort office

New York-based finance and consulting firm Deloitte recently opened up shop in the McClure Building in downtown Frankfort. About 60 of its employees are based in the capital city.

A globally connected business has planted some new roots in Frankfort.

Deloitte, a New York-based finance and consulting company, opened an office in April in the McClure Building downtown. About 60 of the company’s employees are based in Frankfort.

Kevin Pollari, principal of Deloitte, said the move to Frankfort made sense for the company and was a part of “planting the flag.” He said the company has connections to over 150 countries and has an office in almost every state.

Deloitte started in Kentucky with a strong presence in Louisville but has since grown to work with clients in Frankfort and Lexington. Deloitte’s Louisville office has been open for about 50 years. He said the company chose Frankfort over Lexington because it is closer to Louisville and, as the state capital, connects to most of Kentucky. Pollari said the office space is 1,500 square feet and plans to expand are already in the works.

The company works with major Kentucky brands such as Lexmark, University of Kentucky Health Care and Toyota. Pollari said the company offers a variety of services, but most are related to financial services and consulting.

“Kentucky is important to us,” Pollari said.

Terri Bradshaw, president and CEO of Kentucky Capital Development Corp., said Frankfort is fortunate to have Deloitte as a corporate partner. She said the company recognizes Frankfort as a “great place to do business.”

“Deloitte’s decision to open a new office in downtown Frankfort is a testament to the work we have been doing to revitalize our downtown and bring new life into an already vibrant community,” she said.

Since opening in Frankfort, the company has hired about 30 people, including interns, from Kentucky colleges. Fourteen of the hires are from the University of Kentucky. Pollari said the company is the second-largest recruiter of UK MBA grads behind the federal government.

Some of Deloitte’s previous employees moved to work in the Frankfort office, Pollari said.

“We love it here,” Pollari said.

Deloitte is also big on community service, Pollari said. On Friday, the company will hold its Impact Day, when all employees work on a service project for the day. Employees will work on projects in Lexington, Louisville and Frankfort. Pollari said the Frankfort sites are Stewart Home and School and Buckley Wildlife Sanctuary. The company will also put items together in the Frankfort office to send to Simon House and Access Food Kitchen and Men’s Shelter.

Deloitte sent some employees to the Stewart Home and School on last year’s Impact Day.  Pollari said the service projects allow Deloitte to use its consulting and financial skills in a unique way and can lead to future partnerships with these non-profits.

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