Business Spotlight: Insurance agencies’ merger ‘a generational blessing’

Franklin Goins Insurance combines two local agencies with more than 70 years of experience — Franklin Insurance and Goins and Goins Insurance. The name and address change is effective Jan. 1. Owners are eated is Edward Goins, seated, Kenneth Goins, left, and Frank Goins, right. (Photo submitted)

To celebrate the beginning of its 70th year, the Goins family’s getting back together.

On Jan. 1, two venerable Frankfort insurance agencies — both operated by members of the Goins family — will join forces as Franklin Insurance and Goins and Goins Insurance combine to become Franklin Goins Insurance Agency.

“In addition to getting the family under one roof, we will be able to offer better services for our clients since we’ll have more agents and insurance providers,” said Kenneth F. Goins, 72, who, along with his brother, Edward F. Goins, 77, owns the firm that bears their name.

Edwards’s son, Frank Goins III, 52, is the owner of Franklin Insurance, which he started in 2015 after a seven-year career as director of the Property and Casualty Division of the state Department of Insurance.

The combined agencies will be together under one name, and one roof — at 600 E. Main St. — the current location of Goins and Goins. The combined agency will offer products from all carriers they currently represent separately.

Frank Goins calls the merger a “generational blessing.”

“After 70 years of investment we’re blessed to be in this business,” he said.

Kenneth’s father, Franklin Goins, and James E. Pickett opened Pickett and Goins Insurance Agency in 1949. Their first office was located across from the old Mucci’s Restaurant, currently B’s Bakery, at 241 W. Main St.. They later moved a block down the street to 307 W. Main.

In 1971, Edward Goins Jr. purchased the Kathryn Rooks Insurance Agency and renamed it Edward F. Goins, Jr., Associates, moving his office to the current East Main location. Three years later, Pickett retired and Kenneth Goins took over the family business, renaming the agency Goins and Goins.

“I know any family’s history is complicated to understand,” said Kenneth Goins. “This is just how this all came about and what’s bringing us together now. You can see why we’re excited for the family and our customers.”

There’s a history in the family of joining agencies. On Jan. 1, 1980, Kenneth and Edward purchased the Hockensmith Insurance Agency and joined all three agencies: Goins and Goins, Edward F. Goins Jr. Associates and the Hockensmith Insurance Agency, moving to the current location and retaining the Goins and Goins banner name.

Frank Goins III started Franklin Insurance Agency and now, in what seems to be a logical move in the family, his agency continues the tradition of merger.

Frank said it has always been his hope to get the family back together in one business under one roof.

“My grandfather (Franklin) started the business; my dad (Edward) and uncle (Kenneth) have continued in the business all these years. During that time, they’ve been all about family,” he said.

“And I’d like for the younger members of my family to get interested and keep it around for another 70 years,” he said.


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