CBS interviews Frankfort business owners about artist’s work

Capital Gallery sells Larkspur Press books, prints and more, which are handmade by Gray Zeitz of Monteray, Kentucky. (Photo by McKenna Horsley)

A national news outlet has been interviewing Frankfort business owners to highlight rare handprinted works of art.

The CBS Sunday Morning show filmed interviews at Poor Richard’s Bookstore and Capital Gallery on Wednesday. According to the shop owners, CBS was filming for an upcoming segment on Gray Zeitz, a printmaker from Monterey in Owen County and the owner of Larkspur Press.

Zeitz makes books, prints, cards and more through hand letterpress printing. He said that Larkspur Press, which first opened in 1974, makes every project by hand and mostly publishes Kentucky writers.

CBS filmed interviews with Zeitz on Tuesday and Wednesday. He said he doesn’t like to brag about himself, but he agreed to do the show.

CBS set up the interviews before Christmas, Zeitz said. The producers heard about his work from a National Public Radio piece that aired in November. He does not know when the CBS segment will air.

“It is a good thing,” Zeitz said. “I love the show… This is something that you don’t turn down.”

In addition to filming in Monterey, the Sunday Morning crew made stops in downtown Frankfort.

Poor Richard’s Bookstore owner Lizz Taylor said that a cameraman and producer came into the store to take a few shots of the store’s selection of Larkspur Press prints. Taylor said Zeitz’s prints are pretty popular and a few customers come in specifically for the prints.

Taylor said Larkspur Press prints are so collectible because they are different. She said that anyone can feel the edges of the lettering and designs when touching one of Zeitz’s works.

“It causes you to connect with the pages,” she said.

CBS asked if another business sold Larkspur Prints. Taylor directed the crew to Capital Gallery, which is around the corner from Poor Richard’s.

Ellen Glasgow, owner of Capital Gallery, said that CBS’ Barry Petersen was among the crew and interviewed her in the gallery. Glasgow’s daughter-in-law Martina said  Glasgow is a fan of the show and watches it frequently.

Glasgow said she told CBS that Zeitz’s creations are “pieces of art.” She also sees many customers come in specifically to buy the prints. Those who are interested in that kind of work know where to get them, she said.

“It’s top of the line. It’s the best of the best,” Glasgow said of Zeitz’s work.

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