Master Commissioner's sale three parcels

The master commissioner has set a foreclosure sale for three of the few remaining outparcels near Parkside Shopping Center off Versailles Road in Jett.

The three tracts, which total 3.87 acres, are set directly behind Buffalo Wild Wings and Cattleman’s Roadhouse off Jett Boulevard and will be sold to raise the more than $1.2 million that is owed to Independence Bank of Kentucky.

According to records provided by the Franklin County Property Valuation Administrator’s office, the three parcels were purchased for $49,500 per tract by RDM 6460 LLC on Nov. 22, 2013. That same day, the for-profit RDM was registered with the Kentucky Secretary of State’s Office, listing Leslie D. Reach, of Lexington, as the agent.

In addition to RDM 6460 LLC, she is also the registered agent for Reach Development Management LLC, which was started in early 2009. Both organizations were listed as active but in bad standing for failing to file annual reports to the Secretary of State by the June 30 deadline, records indicate.

PVA documents state that the three parcels — Tract 1 (1.18 acres); Tract 2 (.80 acre); and Tract 3 (1.89 acres) — have a combined land value of $700,000. Tract 3, the largest of the three, has a certified land value of $500,000. The other two are valued at $100,000 each.

RDM 6460 LLC is indebted to the bank for a total of $1,203,189.26 after interest, charges and costs.

The master commissioner’s sale will take place at 11:30 a.m. July 22 in Courtroom C on the second floor of the Franklin County Courthouse at 222 St. Clair St.

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