Brittney Thomas

Brittany Thomas

Brittney Thomas wanted to keep working as an EMT.

In her recent social media posts, she wrote about having to leave her job because she didn’t want to be an unfair burden on her co-workers. 

She wrote about her struggles, of losing her possessions and struggling with depression, of crashing with friends in Frankfort.

She was reported missing a week ago. Her body was found in a wooded area off Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Tuesday night.

“Brittney was a fascinating woman,” her uncle Kevin Thomas said. “She was very talented and very intelligent.”

Kevin Thomas said she had only been in Frankfort for a month and was staying with friends. The goal, he said, was for her to return to Bowling Green, where her family lived. 

“She was well loved by her family,” Kevin Thomas said. “It just didn’t end well.”

Brittney, he said, was fighting problems with mental illness, and was on medication as part of her treatment.

“She had a disease that’s hard to get the right treatment for,” he said.

He and other relatives were in regular contact with Brittney, he said.

“I’d been checking on her about every day,” he said. “If she was having a good day, she’d text right back. If she was having a bad day, you might not hear from her for a day. She kind of quit communicating with everyone at the end. That was a sign.

“We felt it was serious. There had been cries in the past but this seemed different.”

Kevin Thomas said the coronavirus, social distancing and Brittney’s mental illness may have all caught up to her. Brittney, he said, needed more social contact than other people, which likely contributed as well.

“A lot happened at one time,” he said. “That’s enough for anyone to handle.”

On April 22, Frankfort Police started searching for Thomas around Frankfort after her family reported her missing, and a roommate confirmed that she had left.

Frankfort Police Capt. Dustin Bowman and Franklin County Coroner Will Harrod both said foul play is not suspected in her death. Autopsy and toxicology reports are still pending, Harrod said.

Bowman said no one had seen Brittney Thomas until her body was found Tuesday evening by KY K9 Search and Rescue, a group contacted by the Thomas family to help with the search. 

“They were the most compassionate group,” Kevin Thomas said. “They dropped everything and came to help us.”

At this point, Brittney’s family is trying to recover. There will be a funeral later this year in Bowling Green, he said. 

“She could have written novels,” he said, addiing that she was an artist as well. “She was very intelligent. She was an EMT in Louisville for a while. It will surprise you how smart she was.”

She also knew what she was struggling with.

“Her wish was to keep it from happening to another family,” he said. “Mental illness is real. She was fighting it.

“It’s the worst thing any of us have gone through.”

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