A Franklin County man indicted last month for an alleged domestic incident has also been charged with sending harassing messages to an ex-girlfriend and faces more than a hundred charges in the case, according to court records.

Bailey Andre Brewer, 26, appeared in court Tuesday for a preliminary hearing on charges he allegedly attacked the woman, who was not identified, during a meeting at the end of March and then called and sent numerous threatening text messages while a restraining order was in place. Brewer remains in custody at the Franklin County Regional Jail on a combined $20,000 full cash bond on several charges including, 142 counts of violating a Kentucky protection order, all Class A misdemeanors, and two counts of witness tampering, Class D felonies, according to court records.

Each of the misdemeanors can be punishable by up to a year in jail, and each felony could be punishable by prison time of up to five years if Brewer is convicted. He already has a lengthy domestic violence arrest history and has spent time in prison for a domestic altercation, court records stated.

After the most recent incident, Brewer was picked up on a warrant because he allegedly made several calls on March 30 to the alleged victim’s place of employment and threatened one of her co-workers, saying he would “come up there and burn that place down and beat your ass and make your life hell.”

The woman was not at work. But when officers contacted her at home, she had numerous calls and texts from Brewer on her phone, officers reported.

“She showed me her phone and the multitude of calls and texts that she had received from Mr. Brewer,” one of the officers wrote. “The phone rang well over a dozen times while I was there… Mr. Brewer made several threatening remarks placing blame for what he is going to do to her, back on her.”

Officers learned that the two had met at a bowling alley days earlier in an attempt to “work things out,” according to the woman’s statement. However, the discussions took a violent turn with Brewer allegedly attacking her before throwing her into his truck against her will, driving for a few minutes and kicking her out of the vehicle, officers reported.

Brewer, of Frankfort, was arrested April 2. His charges include fourth-degree domestic violence assault, third or greater offense in five years, first-degree stalking and first-degree unlawful imprisonment, all Class D felonies; and two counts of first-degree persistent felony offender.

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