Daniel Cameron

Daniel Cameron

Two Tennessee brothers’ failed attempt to resell thousands of bottles of hand sanitizer, packs of antibacterial wipes and medical masks has turned into a blessing for area first responders.

Matt and Noah Colvin, of Hixson, Tennessee, teamed up to clear 17,700 bottles of hand sanitizer off store shelves during a three-day, 1,300-mile trip in a rented truck across Kentucky and Tennessee the day after the first coronavirus death was documented in the U.S. The pair then posted 300 bottles for sale on Amazon for $8-$70 apiece and sold them all.

The suspected price-gouging scheme caught the eyes of authorities, who confiscated the items and donated them to police, EMS, firefighters and others in Frankfort on Friday.

“We are keeping our first responders and our law enforcement community safe as they continue to do the responsible things they have to do,” said Attorney General Daniel Cameron, who worked his Tennessee counterpart during the investigation.

The three truckloads of high-demand supplies, including thermometers, were handed out to first responders in Whitley, Laurel, Rockcastle, Madison and Fayette counties — those most affected by the reported scam.

“This is a time where we have to focus on helping our neighbors, not profiting from them,” Cameron added.

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