Lock your car.

That’s what the Frankfort Police Department is advising after a string of car break-ins over the weekend on the city's east side.

Capt. Dustin Bowman said the majority of the break-ins took place at night in the Silver Lake and Indian Hills areas.

As of Tuesday, Bowman said it is hard to tell if every break-in was committed by the same person or people, but investigators are working hard to determine who is responsible.

Surveillance footage from some of the break-ins shows a person in a mask.

According to 911 dispatch call sheets from over the weekend, at least six people reported having their cars broken into. One caller reported having footage of four people breaking into her car.

Bowman advises car owners to keep their doors locked and to refrain from keeping valuables in the vehicle, such as firearms, purses, wallets and laptop computers.

“If there’s nothing in the car, there’s nothing to take,” Bowman said. “Definitely don’t leave your keys in your car.”

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