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A longtime Franklin County Regional Jail employee filed for May’s Democratic primary for county jailer last week, according to a press release.

Capt. Ben Gash, who is currently responsible for commissary and information technology at the jail, has been employed there for the last 10 years.

“I started my career there doing rounds, serving meal trays and various other daily chores," he said. "I’ve worked hard and rose through the ranks."

Gash attended Kentucky State University and graduated from Eastern Gateway Community College. He has a background in construction and finance and owns Gash Home Improvement, a small business in Frankfort.

“The commissary at the jail takes in $1.2 million in transactions a year and has had flawless audits under my leadership,” Gash said. “I know how to plan a budget, make payroll and how to get the job done. I have worked hard my entire life, and if the people of Franklin County give me a chance, I will work hard for them.”

For Gash, becoming Franklin County jailer has been a goal for a long time.

“I am wanting to run because it’s been a dream of mine for many years,” he told The State Journal via a phone interview on Tuesday. “I’ve put my heart and soul in this place, and I want to see the jail become a valuable asset to this community.”

Gash, who is originally from Shelbyville and Southville, said he and his wife, Lauren, decided to move to Frankfort more than 10 years ago and have since had two children.

While he has several ideas for what he wants to accomplish, Gash said his top goal is retention.

“The biggest challenge we face at the jail right now is retention in staff because of all the change in the retirement system,” he said. “We’ve lost a lot of experience. What we want to do is recruit the next generation of staff."

The 2020 special election for jailer was created after Jailer Rick Rogers retired in August. Interim Jailer Jake Banta has said he will not seek election to the post.

The 2020 primary elections will take place on May 19.

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