A photo shared on social media helped Franklin County sheriff’s deputies find a female person of interest in a robbery that occurred at Omkara Food Mart on Monday night.

“We put her photo on Facebook and within two hours we had her ID’d and she ratted them out,” Sheriff Chris Quire told The State Journal Tuesday.

The robbery occurred at 8:21 p.m. at the southern Franklin County convenience store formerly known as Sack’s Market, located at U.S. 127 South and Green Wilson Road.

In a store surveillance video released by the FCSO, one robber asks the clerk at the counter for two packs of cigarettes. As the clerk reaches above his head to get them, another robber wearing what appears to be a red bandana over his nose and mouth approaches from the left, points a gun at the clerk and demands he open the cash register.

The second robber then orders the worker to get on the ground and screams at him to turn over his cellphone. After several intense seconds of the suspect waving a gun, the clerk, on his knees on the floor with his arms in the air, cooperates and forfeits his phone.

According to the incident report, the clerk was assaulted by the two assailants, who left the scene on foot or possibly in a vehicle.

“Upon arrival, I made contact with two witnesses that stated they were outside and saw two black males run out of the store carrying money and they ran around the far side of the building and got in a white vehicle, possibly a Chevrolet Impala,” the first deputy on the scene wrote.

Quire said the female suspect’s information helped to nab the two men in the act of committing a similar robbery in Louisville.

“We believe the suspects are in Louisville jail on other robbery charges,” Quire said. “(The investigation is) ongoing, but we expect to charge them very soon.”

While none of the suspects were identified, charges pending for the pair accused in the robbery include first-degree robbery and first-degree assault. The clerk’s cellphone, which was also stolen, is valued at $500.

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