Police are seeking charges against an unidentified man after a heated Memorial Day argument on the river led to him allegedly firing a rescue flare at a boat full of people, officers reported.

The name of the suspect has not been released.

Frankfort Police Department Capt. Lynn Aubrey said no serious injuries were sustained in the incident, but authorities are not taking it lightly.

“It could have hit a person and caused serious injuries,” she said. “The flare caused some damage to the boat, and it could’ve easily caught on fire.”

According to FPD reports, the incident culminated at about 6 p.m. Monday with officers responding to a report of “shots fired” on the Kentucky River under the Capital Avenue Bridge across from the old Arsenal. A man in one boat docked after an argument with occupants of another boat and then drew a rescue flare on them

“There was a heated exchange,” Aubrey said. “Then one individual from the bank of the river fired a flare at the occupants on a boat.”

The content of the exchange was unclear. However, Aubrey said there were four occupants on the boat that could have been injured by the flare discharge.

Officers arrived a short time later, but the suspected flare firer was gone. Nonetheless, officers have identified the suspect – although they declined to release his name – and pursuing charges, officers said.

“We will be seeking charges,” Aubrey said. “They could be wanton endangerment (a Class D felony) or something along those lines, but we haven’t had a grand jury appointment yet.”

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