Western Hills High School’s academic team, from left to right: Sarah Davidson, Mahitha Ramisetti, Sanjna Raj, Joshna Kurra, Mason Wooldridge, Carley Bishop, Aathman Bhavaraju, Nikhil Akula, Henry Hoffmann, Anish Penmecha, Dhruv Kothari, Gabe True, Jill Jacobs, Trea Huff, Olivia Lewis, Sahil Shaik, Marcus Negron and Chinmay Tope. (Photo submitted)

High School 

The academic team at Western Hills High School took first place in the 41st District Governor’s Cup competition on Saturday, Jan. 25, with 52 points total. The Wolverines were followed by Franklin County, Great Crossing, Scott County and Frankfort High respectively. Regionals are next month.

Western Hills defeated Franklin County in the Quick Recall championship game. In future problem solving, Western Hills placed first and Franklin County took second. 

Here are the scores for written assessment:


  • First place, Jonathan Cook, FCHS
  • Second place, Nikhil Akula, WHHS 
  • Third place, Anish Penmecha, WHHS
  • Fourth place, Knapp Samantha, GCHS
  • Fifth place, Abraham Alhamdani, FCHS


  • First place, Gabriel True, WHHS
  • Second place, Chinmay Tope, WHHS
  • Third place, Dhruv Kothari, WHHS
  • Fourth place, Nikitha Dharanipragada, FCHS
  • Fifth place, Griffin Tetreau, SCHS

Social studies

  • First place, Gabriel True, WHHS
  • Second place, Tristin Black, SCHS
  • Third place, Coleman “Jake” Broaddus, FHS
  • Fourth place, Andy Clark, FCHS
  • Fifth place, Henry Hoffman, WHHS

Language arts

  • First place, Cooper Hendrix, FCHS
  • Second place, Joanna McGill, SCHS
  • Third place, Bevins Emily, GCHS
  • Fourth place, Carley Bishop, WHHS
  • Fifth place, Lilly Ruwet, FCHS

Arts and humanities

  • First place, Cooper Hendrix, FCHS
  • Second place, Elizabeth Gardenhire, WHHS
  • Third place, Spencer Emma, GCHS
  • Fourth place, Jill Jacobs, WHHS
  • Fifth place, Sahil Shaik, WHHS


  • First place, Ella Abney, FHS
  • Second place, Knapp Samantha, GCHS
  • Third place, Elyza Gogol, SCHS
  • Fourth place, Dhruv Kothari, WHHS
  • Fifth place, Nikitha Dharanipragada, FCHS

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