An assistant principal is leaving Second Street School to return home to Nelson County. 

Randy Adams will start next week as principal of Bloomfield Middle School in Bloomfield.

Adams said that he officially starts Monday, but he has already laid some groundwork while finishing his time at SSS. He said the transition between schools is "bittersweet." He will be closer to family, even becoming his niece's principal when she attends Bloomfield Middle School, but SSS has taught him how to be a leader. 

Nelson County Schools holds a special place in Adams' heart. He said that when he was in elementary school, he was a "struggling reader" until fourth grade. However, the teachers around him did not give up on him and helped him grow. That helped lead him to being one of the first members of his family to go to college. 

Before joining SSS about four years ago, Adams was an agriculture teacher at Anderson County High School. He decided to become an administrator in order to support teachers. 

Adams said that while he grew up in Nelson County, he and his wife call several Kentucky counties home. He expects Frankfort will continue to see him every now and then. 

"Frankfort is still very important to me," Adams said. 

Of his time at SSS, Adams said he feels "full of gratitude." He said he will miss working with the school's leadership team, including former Principal Dewey Hensley, then-Rigor Alignment Coach Sam Sams and counselors Amy Young and Lori Denton.

Sams was named the new principal of SSS earlier this month. Hensley announced his retirement in May. Adams said it speaks volumes about Hensley's and Superintendent Houston Barber's leadership that Adams and Sams both became principals in the same year. Adams said he is confident Sams will be a great leader at SSS. 

According to Frankfort Independent Schools' website, the assistant principal position at SSS was posted on June 3. The job description includes that the future assistant principal "assists in the development and administration of school programs," "provides leadership and direction to staff with regard to the ongoing evaluation and improvement of educational programs" and more. 

It was always easy to get out of bed and go to work in the morning at SSS, Adams said. He truly felt like the work he did at the school mattered. 

For the person who becomes the next assistant principal at SSS, he offered some advice: Continue to learn and teach. 

"Know you have an important role and you can potentially change a child's life or the life of a teacher," Adams said. 

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