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Last week ended with all of Franklin County’s fall sports teams competing.

This week started with three of them quarantined for COVID-19 issues.

The FCHS football team and boys and girls soccer teams are out of commission for 14 days after a Flyer football player and head girls soccer coach Jon Sutphin tested positive for the virus.

Franklin County football coach Eddie James confirmed Monday that a player had tested positive.

None of the teams can practice or play a game for 14 days, and the football and girls soccer teams are quarantined.

The boys soccer team hasn’t had any positive cases, but some members of the team play football and have to quarantine because of contact with the student who tested positive.

The members who play both sports will quarantine, but the rest of the boys soccer team and staff aren’t required to.

“We’re erring on the side of caution,” FCHS Athletic Director Tracy Spickard said. “We’re being conservative, and we think that’s the right thing to do for our kids. They’re our No. 1 priority.”

“We knew it could happen,” James said. “It’s a risk we took playing football, but it’s a punch in the gut a little bit.

“We’ve done literally everything we could, with the variables, to control what we could control, and it wasn’t enough.”

The Flyer football team (2-0) won’t play scheduled games this Friday at home against Shelby County and Oct. 2 at North Oldham.

Both games are district matchups. James said the school will try to reschedule the games, but that process is in the early stages. The team can return to action the week of Oct. 5, and Oct. 9 is an open date for the Flyers.

FCHS is scheduled to play Waggener on Oct. 16 in Louisville.

Woodford County played at Franklin County Friday and was scheduled to play Frankfort this week. Woodford has canceled the FHS game because of exposure at the FCHS game.

Frankfort football coach Craig Foley said he is trying to find a game for this Friday.

Sutphin said he began feeling ill Friday and didn’t make the team’s trip Saturday to Nelson County, a 3-1 loss.

“I preached and preached and preached to the girls to be safe, be careful, and I’m the one who comes down with it and puts us in quarantine,” Sutphin said.

“I tested Saturday. I didn’t make the trip to Nelson County because I hadn’t been feeling well, and at my wife’s insistence I was tested Saturday and it was positive.”

Sutphin said his early symptoms didn’t trigger any concern about COVID.

“The first day of symptoms I felt like I’d been hit by a truck, but that’s usually how a cold starts for me,” he said. “It starts with body aches, then a sore throat and then congestion.

“I felt like I was coming down with a cold. I spent most of the day Friday in bed because my body hurt, but Saturday I felt better. My wife kept saying you have to go get tested, and that’s when I found out I was positive.”

Sutphin, who said Monday that he feels like he has a head cold, doesn’t know where he contracted the virus.

“I have no clue where I got it,” he said. “No one has contacted me and said I’ve tested positive since I was in contact with you.”

The Lady Flyers soccer team will have five matches remaining in the regular season when they return. They can’t play a game until Oct. 3.

Sutphin said he will try to reschedule the match with Frankfort, originally set for Sept. 30, because it’s a district game.

FCHS boys soccer coach Louis Tandy will also be trying to reschedule a district game. The Flyers can’t play again until the week of Oct. 5, and they were scheduled to play Great Crossing Sept. 29.

“We don’t have any positive cases,” Tandy said. “We have some players who play on the football team, and that’s why we got shut down for two weeks.”

The Flyers currently have just one match scheduled the week of Oct. 5, which is the last week of the regular season. That match is Oct. 6 at Western Hills.

“That’s where we’re at,” Tandy said. “I hope we get back.”

The Flyer football team is ranked fourth in the state in Class 4A in the latest Associated Press poll.

“I think they’re upset,” James said of his players, “but it’s refreshing to watch them in group chats. They’re being very upbeat. It’s 14 days, and we want to make sure we get to go back on the field.

“I’ve had coaches reach out to me and say they’ve been through it, just keep trucking on. That’s what we’re trying to do, but first and foremost we have to make sure our kids are safe.”

James said the Franklin County Health Department has been a big help during this situation.

“Our district and health department have done such a good job coordinating everything,” he said. “They’ve been very open with us about what we need to do, and it’s refreshing to have them be so good at their jobs.”

None of the fall sports teams at Western Hills or Frankfort are quarantined.

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