Capital Day School students and families were able to travel around the world on Sunday without having to leave school property, thanks to a special event. 

The private school held its first World Market, a fundraiser where student-created exhibits and projects highlighted cultures from several countries and continents around the globe. CDS plans to have the market every other year. Countries represented at the market included France, Rwanda, Ancient Egypt, Peru and India. 

The World Market was open for about three hours on Sunday afternoon and visitors could walk through classrooms and get a stamp on their passports. Inside, students showed off research projects, activities, art and food samples for visitors. There was also a silent auction during the market. All proceeds support CDS. 

Julie Renner, the first and second grade teacher at CDS, helped with the implementation of the market. In her classroom, students studied different countries in Africa. As a whole, the class learned about small water filtration systems, as clean water is a precious commodity in many African countries, the teacher said. The class also had a donation box set up during the market to support sending two Ugandan children to school for a year. 

“We did African folk and fairy tales and they did shadow puppetry … . We studied how African huts are designed and they engineered their own African hut,” Renner said about some of the projects the class did. 

Xavier Beard, a second grader at the school, studied Rwanda. He said Rwanda is one of the smallest countries in Africa and he did most of his research on a computer. During the market, he played drums and spoke to attendees about different aspects of African culture.

Melissa Beard, Xavier’s mother, said her son was very enthusiastic about the project. 

“I think it’s a cool hands-on approach,” she said of the World Market. 

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