Education Spotlight: B’s Bakery teaches children baking techniques

Mabry Yost ices her llama cake at B’s Bakery on July 19. The bakery has been hosting summer camps for children for a few weeks. (Photo by McKenna Horsley)

A downtown bakery is teaching the next generation of culinary artists a couple hours at a time.

B’s Bakery, located at 241 W. Main St., has been hosting kids’ camp classes for the past three weeks or so. Each class is about two hours and children learn how to decorate and make their own treats.

Beth Carter, owner of B’s Bakery, said the idea for the camps came about earlier this summer when she hosted a similar class for a group of young girls after their sleepover. She said the parents and the girls asked her if she was going to do something like it in the future, so she posted the idea on B’s Bakery’s Facebook page and got an overwhelming response. In three weeks of classes, B’s Bakery taught 250 children.

“I call it an ‘internet sensation,'” Carter said.

The bakery welcomed students for a variety of themed classes — mermaid, fox, llama, unicorn and more — to learn how to decorate a few treats to host their own themed party. Carter said the students usually make one main treat, like a cake, a smaller treat and then a party favor that guests can take home. This week, students will make Shark Week-themed treats.

In the classes, Carter and a few helpers teach the students baking and decorating techniques for about two hours. At the end, students take home their tasty treats. A full class has about 15 students and each spot is $25.

Many of the students are ages 7 and up and enjoy baking at home and reality TV baking shows, like Netflix’s Sugar Rush or Nailed It! Carter said she believes she is inspiring future bakers.

“What I’ve enjoyed most is seeing how proud they are of their work. I try to teach in a way that they learn quickly and do the actual work themselves,” Carter said. “When I watch them take their box of decorated items out to their parents, they are so prideful of that.”

Aubriana Roberts, 8, wants to be a professional baker when she grows up. She bakes at home already with her mother and grandmother. She attended the bakery’s llama party on Thursday and will return this week for Shark Week.

Mabry Yost, age 8 said she learned some new tips Thursday, like making sure that a cake is cool before putting buttercream icing on it. She too enjoys baking and cooking. Her favorite foods to make are spaghetti and cakes.

Adults won’t be left out of the classes for long. Carter said sessions for adults are in the works and classes may be something she continues throughout the year. The bakery is planning fall break and holiday-themed classes.

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