Education Spotlight: FCHS, WHHS greenhouses in bloom, open for business

Franklin County High School agriculture students show off some of the flowers left in the greenhouse Monday. First row, from left, are Justin Blakley, 15; Alora Wheatley, 17; Molly Stigers, 17; and Gracie Mika, 17. In the back row, from left, are Makena Gillion, 16; Alyssa Poe, 18; Reagan Perkins, 17; Bethany Carr, 17; and Grace McGaughey, 16. (Chanda Veno | State Journal)

Looking for an inexpensive, beautiful way to thank Mom this Mother’s Day?

The greenhouses at both Franklin County and Western Hills high schools are in bloom and open for business.

With an assortment of flowers, fruits and vegetables, the agriculture departments and FFA chapters offer a little something for everyone.

“We’ve got a good stock of Rutgers tomatoes, succulents and hanging baskets,” said Kylen Douglas, FCHS ag teacher and FFA adviser, “as well as a little of everything left.”

Flowers are $1.50 per three-pack; 36-plant flat for $15; and $5 per 8-inch pot.

At FCHS flowers include tuberous begonias and wax begonias (red, white and yellow); impatiens and double impatiens (cherry, white and pink); wave petunias; dahlia; geraniums (red, deep rose, violet); sweet potato vines; coleus; vinca (red and white); snapdragons; calibrachoa; sunflowers; morning glories; and spider plants.

“We had more but just sold the whole back corner to Bowman Field,” he said of the flats of begonias headed to the Louisville regional airport.

Western Hills offers tuberous begonias; wax begonias; impatiens; petunias; snapdragons; savlias; marigold; vinca; cosmos; wave petunias; dracaena spike; sweet potato vine; dahlias; calibrachoa; New Guinea impatiens; and geraniums. Eight-inch geranium pots are $8.

Vegetables at Franklin County High are also $1.50 per three-pack. Two-inch pots are $1 per plant. In addition to Rutgers tomatoes, the greenhouse also beefsteak, better boy, best boy, bush, ponderosa and yellow tomatoes for sale. Other veggies include Kentucky wonder green beans; cucumbers; cilantro; yellow squash; banana peppers; and chives.

The Wolverines charge $1.50 per three- or four-pack or $12 per flat and offer cucumbers; bee balm; coneflower; cabbage; cauliflower; broccoli; watermelon; cantaloupe; eggplant; and squash. WHHS also has 12 varieties of tomatoes — celebrity; super sweet 100 cherry; Carolina gold; sun sugar; beef master; Juliet hybrid; Morgan; beefsteak; Cherokee purple; mortgage lifter; roma; and San Marzano. Peppers include California wonder bell; sweet banana; jalapeno; cayenne long red; and sweet banana. Eight herbs for sale are sweet basil; red rubon basil; basil; cilantro; parsley; spearmint; peppermint; and dill.

The Flyers’ hanging baskets of Boston ferns or wandering jews are $15 — the same as Western Hills, which also has sprengeri ferns and flower baskets.

This is the final week for the Franklin County sale, which began on April 26 — Drive Your Tractor to School Day. Hours are noon to 5:30 p.m. The greenhouse is located between the career and technical center and the school.

“If no one’s here, call the school,” Douglas said.

The Western Hills sale lasts until May 24, the last day of the school year. Hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday and 8 a.m. to noon on Saturdays.

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