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The State Journal isn’t the only news publication in Frankfort.

However, The Bluegrass Sun can’t be found on any local newsstand. The weekly, kid-written publication circulates to about 20 readers each week.

The brainchild of Maddie Napier, 9, it was formerly a household publication known as Napier News. Now, it’s the summer school focus for three daughters of Julie and Derrick Napier, of Frankfort.

The Bluegrass Sun is more than a glorified family newsletter. With a trio of girls penning its words, the paper publishes items about a variety of interests. Each Bluegrass Sun staffer follows her passions in reporting. Maddie serves as the investigative reporter.

“I enjoyed investigating the gardens of Liberty Hall to prove that ghosts are real,” said Maddie, who aspires to be a teacher.

Kassi Napier, 11, who serves as creative director, draws a comic and pens “Kassi’s Passion for Fashion” column each week. If given the opportunity to cover any assignment, Kassi would love to interview celebrities.

“Because when I grow up I want to be an actress,” she said.

Sammey, 7, writes a “Sammey Says” feature, which lists various facts. One recent column said, “FACT: Tooth fairies come out nite.”

Every edition features a “Rejuvinations” section, where the girls think of new ways to repurpose empty properties such as the old Starway Fun Park on Louisville Road. Among the ideas were an indoor gaming facility and ice-skating rink. They also researched and found out that, prior to being a fun park, the property was a drive-in movie theater — something they believe it could be again.

Additional weekly features include getting to know a local artist, a “Frankfort Face” and unmasking a local mystery. Perhaps the most delicious section is “A Bite of Frankfort,” where readers can get a review of local eateries from a kid’s perspective.

In the June 1 premier edition, the Napier girls gave B’s Bakery, located on West Main Street, “a 10/10” in what Sammey said was her favorite assignment thus far, “because — yum!”

Not only does The Bluegrass Sun give the girls an outlet for expression, they are also learning the importance of the media in society.

“They inform you what is going on around you and spread information that people need to know,” Kassi and Maddie said.

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