Frankfort Independent Schools Superintendent Houston Barber received a rating of “exemplary” on his annual evaluation by the school board.

Board Chair Jina Greathouse said at Monday night’s board meeting that the evaluation includes exploring seven standards of performance set by the Kentucky School Boards Association. FIS board members also looked at the overall strategic plan for the school district. Greathouse said that “exemplary” means that standards have been exceeded in the past year. 

“We are very thankful for your work, your dedication, time and the effort, all of it,” Greathouse said. 

She noted that accomplishments in the past year under Barber’s leadership include completely implementing the Early College program at Frankfort High School; receiving a $2.5 million Gear Up grant for the next seven years; promoting the Profile of a Graduate in schools; launching a mentoring program with Kentucky State University; increasing enrollment in the school district; working with local and state stakeholders to pursue additional revenue streams for the school district; and pursuing professional growth opportunities regarding equity. Barber also completed the Kentucky Association of School Superintendents’ Superintendent’s Academy. 

“I appreciate it. I am just honored to be here,” Barber told board members. “I appreciate the teamwork. It takes a team.” 

Barber told board members that he plans to continue his career at FIS for the duration of his career and continue improving the school district’s sustainability. 

For his evaluation last year, the board also gave Barber the status of exemplary. In February, he signed a new four-year contract that included a $10,000 pay raise to $125,000 annually. 

During the meeting, the board also took action to approve the design, development and construction documents related to replacing the boilers at Frankfort High School, pending approval from the Kentucky Department of Education. 

Craig Aossey of G. Scott and Associates Architects told board members that the school’s current boiler, which is the backup boiler, has about a 40% to 60% chance of making it through the winter. The current plan is to replace both boilers in November, before an issue arises. At the July 29 meeting, Barber said that initial estimated cost of the replacement is $110,000. 

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