The Frankfort Independent Schools board Monday passed a 1% pay increase for all employees. 

The school board unanimously approved the raise, funds for which were included in the budget the board passed earlier this year. For the pay, the action will cost the district around $59,000. 

The last pay increase for FIS employees, also a 1% raise, was approved by the school board about two years ago. 

Superintendent Houston Barber said the school district has similar pay to other districts of its size, but he emphasized that the staff comes in on a daily basis to serve students. 

“I can’t tell you enough of these amazing stories about the dedication, commitment that our staff has for our children and this school district,” Barber told board members before their vote on the raise. “I am committing to help getting the support they need. I know this board is committed to that. This board has demonstrated that in the amount of resources that you’ve provided for the schools.”

He said that the raise would “send a message” to employees that the school district cares about them. The raise is also a celebration of the good work coming out of the school district, such as recent test results that put FIS among the top-performing districts in the state. Frankfort High School and the middle school at Second Street School received four stars on the five-star scale. The elementary school received three stars. 

Board Chair Jina Greathouse commended the work of staff before the vote. 

“When we can do something to support staff, the return on that investment is phenomenal. And like you said, our staff is not here for the money. They are here because of their dedication and their passion.”  

She said that the board’s recent approval of a tax increase has allowed the district to be in a position to offer raises. 

The pay increase will be retroactive, as it will include the months from July onward, though it will be paid over the course of paychecks throughout the rest of the fiscal year. It may be later in November when the paperwork for the check is finalized. 

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