Frankfort Independent Schools will make a few changes to its intersession programming. 

Jackie Duvall, the school district’s P.E.P., or Panther Enrichment Program, coordinator, gave the school board an update on the first EXCEL and P.E.P. weeks of the school year during the board’s Monday meeting.

FIS will have an intersession beginning the week of Sept. 30 and ending on Oct. 18. EXCEL, which focuses on catching up students on skills learned in the past nine weeks, is the first week of the break, and P.E.P., which provides additional curriculum and enrichment opportunities outside of regular school session, is the second week. 

In addition to catching students up on academic work, the EXCEL will also be used to help some students work on mastering their Profile of a Graduate skills, like personal responsibility, Second Street School Principal Sam Sams said. EXCEL week is open to all FIS students. 

“We want to hit both during Excel,” Sams said. 

One change for P.E.P this year is parents or guardians can sign up students for a full week of P.E.P., instead of certain sessions, making the program comparable to a weeklong camp, Duvall said. 

“It will be different in that we would like parents to choose a weeklong experience for their kids,” Duvall said.

Students will be rotated through different activities throughout the day, like arts, sports and even some field trips. Some students have requested life skills classes, such as CPR and financial literacy. Duvall said FIS is aiming to have seventh- through 12th-graders go on college visits during that week. 

The cost of P.E.P. Week will be $100 per student and $50 for each additional student in a family, but scholarships or waivers are available. The school district did a study of various commercial costs for a week of child care, which could cost $150 to $200. 

Duvall said that offering the week as a whole and not as individual sessions could limit the pickup and dropoff traffic throughout the day at schools, as parents will have set times to transport students and school buses will only run at certain times of the day. 

The guide for P.E.P. Week will be distributed on Thursday, Duvall said. 

In addition, the board noted that FIS will send a letter home to students’ families later this week with information about school safety and terroristic threatening. The letter is part of a mandate from Senate Bill 1, which was signed by Gov. Matt Bevin earlier this year. The law sets standards for school safety in all Kentucky schools. 

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