Katie Bouchard

Families of Early Learning Village students will be working with royalty. 

Katie Bouchard, the 2018 Miss Kentucky, is the new family resource coordinator at the school. This is her first post-college position and she said working at Early Learning Village is the place that she “was meant to be.” 

The preschool and kindergarten students at the school are the age range Bouchard wanted to work with. She said they are at an age where they are so sweet and innocent, plus she can count on a hug or two each day. 

Bouchard, an Owensboro native, graduated from Western Kentucky University with a degree in social work. Her mother was in education and she had previous social work placements in schools while she was a student. 

“That’s when I knew, ‘OK, this is my calling. That’s where I needed to be,’” Bouchard said. 

During her term as Miss Kentucky, one of her platforms was to be the voice for Kentucky’s children. She visited and spoke at more than 300 schools across the state, allowing her a chance to get to know students and FRCs a little better.

Bouchard officially started on Tuesday in her role at ELV and said that she has been able to spend some time with her co-workers and students and getting to know the layout of the school. In her role as an FRC, she works with students and families to ensure their basic needs, like clothes and food, are met. Every day is different, she said about the job, as an FRC can be asked for help by parents, students and teachers. 

“The number one thing that stood out is that she wanted to be there for all students and families,” said ELV Principal Larry Murphy. 

He said Bouchard’s energy, passion and knowledge stood out to the hiring committee that selected her. After her second day, he was impressed with her ability to hit the ground running and making herself available to students, families and the community. 

Bouchard said that one of her goals this year will be to connect community resources and organizations to ELV students and their families. Now, the school is seeking donations for its food pantry and clothing closet, she said. 

To contact Bouchard for any Family Resource needs, she can be reached by calling the school at 502-352-2585 and asking for the FRC. 

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