The Frankfort Independent Schools Board of Education voted Monday night to close school on Inauguration Day and approved a construction manager for upcoming building renovations. 

Closing on inauguration

The board unanimously voted to close school on Inauguration Day, which is Tuesday, Dec. 10. Gov.-elect Andy Beshear will take the oath of office on that Tuesday and an inaugural parade is expected to shut down several streets in Downtown Frankfort. Franklin County Schools announced earlier this month that it would close on Dec. 10. 

FIS Chief Operations Officer Bobby Driskell said the school district has been asked to provide buses for transportation of parade attendees on Inauguration Day. 

“It would be very difficult to go to school on Inauguration Day,” board member Becky Barnes said during the meeting. 

In order to make up for the closed day, students will report to school on March 23, which was originally a makeup day scheduled at the beginning of the district’s spring intersession. It will be the first used makeup day for FIS. 

Board Chair Jina Greathouse said the school district has historically closed on Inauguration Day, but as it only happens every four years, adding it to the school calendar wasn’t “on our radar” this year. 

Codell is construction manager

The board also unanimously approved Codell Construction as the construction manager for upcoming Phase 3 renovations of school facilities. The majority of upgrades are to be at the F.D. Wilkinson Gym, which hasn’t been renovated since it was built in 1953. The company’s fee will be based on the total cost of the project. A total cost is not set in stone, but the budget for the renovations is $5.5 million. 

Representatives from Codell previously spoke at an FIS board meeting last month, discussing what role their company takes in construction management and how hiring a company for construction management could be a positive for the school district. 

Jim Codell, president of the Winchester-based company, said during the Oct. 7 meeting that having a construction manager on a project could save about 8% of the total cost. Codell has worked on several projects around the state, including some in Frankfort, such as the Franklin County Judicial Center and the Kentucky Association of Counties building. 

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