Three Frankfort Independent Schools teachers were recognized by Campbellsville University with its “Excellence in Teaching” awards.

The honorees are Frankfort High School engineering teacher Al Perry, Second Street School fourth grade teacher Stephanie Starkey and Second Street seventh grade English and language arts teacher Keyana Best-Brown. The award recognizes teachers across the state for their quality of teaching, leadership and dedication to their profession, Campbellsville University’s website said. Almost 4,000 teachers have received an “Excellence in Teaching” award since 1987. The university gave the awards to recipients on May 11. The teachers were nominated by their superintendent with input from local leaders and colleagues.

Starkey said she found out about winning the award during FIS’ spring break and that she was “shocked.”

“I don’t feel that I do anything extraordinary,” Starkey said. “I just do what I feel I have been called to do: work with children.”

Perry said he wasn’t expecting such an award or even knew that he was nominated until he received notice of winning. He said it is nice to be recognized, but not necessary. He tries to be the best teacher he can be for his students, and their mastery of what they learn is his reward.

“What I’m more excited about is recognizing what the kids are doing. … I think recognition should come from the quality products our students produce,” Perry said.

Best-Brown said she has never won an award like this and was surprised and honored when she found out. She has worked with FIS on and off for 15 years and likes the close-knit community the district has. She continues to talk with students after they move on from her classroom.

“One of the things that I pride myself on working in this district is the relationships that I build with these students,” she said.

FIS Superintendent Houston Barber said many of the school district’s teachers deserve an Excellence in Teaching award, but there are only so many slots. Districts can nominate one teacher from the elementary, middle and high school levels. He said that Starkey, Perry and Best-Brown are role models to their colleagues in terms of helping students succeed and enriching their lives.

“Each one of them brings a wealth of knowledge to the district,” Barber said.

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