The Second Street School Site-Based Decision Making Council reviewed a survey and came up with themes from the results to prepare criteria to select the school’s next principal.

FIS Superintendent Houston Barber, who led the meeting in Principal Dewey Hensley’s stead, said a decision on a new leader for the school could come by June 14. Hensley recently announced his retirement, which will be effective Aug. 1.

The council posted an online survey last week asking students, parents, teachers and other community stakeholders what they believe are important characteristics in a principal. The survey garnered 258 responses as well as 153 written comments. The survey asked participants to rate on a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being the most important, desired qualities in a principal, like willingness to defend instructional time.

From the survey results, the SBDM Council identified five themes to focus interview questions around— community and communication, consistency, experience, proven leadership and balance of joy and education. The council will interview principal candidates for one hour each and ask candidates to complete a 30-minute written performance test.

During the Tuesday night meeting, the council came up with 12 questions that each candidate will be asked, using the themes provided. The questions include how candidates would foster the culture of the school, lead and incorporate staff into the school community, what academic excellence looks like and more.

“From a parent’s point of view, a principal is your leader and he relies on the experience of his teachers and his staff in order to help keep him informed to make decisions that are best for the school,” said Stan Riley, a parent representative on the council, during the meeting.

The council also voted to make its next meeting date, June 1, the same date for candidate interviews. It also went into closed session to review candidate applications.


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