Franklin County High School has not been the only school to get security upgrades in recent months.

At a May Franklin County Board of Education meeting, the board approved the construction of a security vestibule at Franklin County High School’s front entrance.

A reader asked which other local schools received or will receive a security upgrade.

Frankfort Independent School District is installing a similar security vestibule in Frankfort High School. At a June Board of Education meeting, the board approved a change order moving the construction date to the district’s fall break.

Frankfort High School’s security vestibule will be at the school’s main door and will direct visitors into the school’s office instead of the hallway.

FIS Superintendent Houston Barber said that the lobby area at Second Street School was also recently reconfigured to control the traffic of students and visitors coming into the building. He added that the school district has also recently upgraded security cameras and key cards and has moved to a one-key system for its schools.

Barber also said that students receive safety education, such as lockdown drills, during the school year. He said all staff has safety training as well. He said Chief Operation Officer Alan Spade oversees most security measures.

The Franklin County High project was estimated to cost around $10,000 in May. The vestibule will provide a barrier between the main entrance and the rest of the high school. FCS Superintendent Mark Kopp said the vestibule is on track to be completed before school starts. He said the rest of schools in the Franklin County system already have secure entrances in place, so adding security vestibules to those entrances is not in FCS’ current plans.

Kopp said that another measure the district has taken is to create a school safety coordinator. Former Frankfort Police Chief Jeff Abrams officially stepped into the role on July 1, Kopp said. Abrams will work a 200-day schedule, meaning he will be on duty for the 187 days schools are in session. Kopp said Abrams will use the remaining 13 days to hone in on a specific school and its security.

“This position will be 100 percent focused on the safety of our students and staff,” Kopp said.


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