Franklin County Schools will probably not release students early on the last day of school in the future. 

FCS had early release at the end of the 2017-18 school year and again this year. At a school board meeting this week, Pupil Personnel Director Kyle Sexton reviewed the attendance report with board members. 

He told the board that in month nine of the school year, which is April and includes the testing period for students, FCS had 6,221 students in school with an average attendance rate of 95.07%. He then reviewed May, or the 10th month of school, which had an average of 83.58% and 6,140 students. He said graduation is one of the reasons for lower attendance at the end of the school year. 

"That is one reason that we, the calendar committee, have looked (at this) and we are changing the last day of school and going back to a full day," Sexton said. "We did it at the request of the schools, but our students aren't coming." 

For the last month of school this year, Collins Lane Elementary, Peaks Mill Elementary and Western Hills High School all had attendance rates above 90%. For the 2017-18 school year, all Franklin County schools except The Academy had attendance over 93%. 

 Last month of school attendance rate
Bondurant Middle School 95.35% 78.38%
Bridgeport Elementary 95.51% 81.18%
Collins Lane Elementary 96.06%90.96% 
Early Learning Village  94.40%79.56% 
Elkhorn Elementary  95.34%88.43% 
Elkhorn Middle School 94.32%82.28% 
Franklin Co. High School  93.22%72.76% 
Hearn Elementary  96.33%89.18% 
Peaks Mill Elementary 95.78% 91.71%
The Academy  82.03%59.69% 
Western Hills High School  93.05%90.56% 
Westridge Elementary 95.87%86.16% 
District total  94.65%83.58% 

Sexton said the calendar committee is made up of a principal, a district administrator who is not the superintendent, one member of the school board, an elementary teacher, a middle or high school teacher, two classified employees and two community members from the Chamber of Commerce, business community or tourism commission as mandated by state law.

The early release on the last day of school was encouraged by elementary schools and has received mixed reviews from students and parents. He said the decision to end the practice will not affect the school calendar for next year as it was included with the schedule already. 

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