The voter turnout was pretty high Wednesday at the polls at Second Street School. 

Students from third through eighth grade cast their ballots in the schools’ student elections. Classrooms held a primary election earlier this year. 

The voting process was like the one registered voters use to elect their leaders, Franklin County Clerk Jeff Hancock said. Students sign in on an iPad, present an ID and get a paper ballot to mark their choices. Hancock and his staff walk students through the process. He said the election was a pilot program for his office and he wants to bring the ballots to all middle and high schools across the county to use in school elections. 

SSS teacher Paul Thompson facilitated the election on the school’s end. He said students campaigned and made speeches during the election cycle. Last year’s fifth grade class held a similar election and the school decided to expand it, hoping that students become comfortable with voting and have it as a habit when they are older.


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