Illustration by Loren Simpson, a kindergartner at Collins Lane Elementary.

Looking for the perfect Thanksgiving turkey recipe? Collins Lane Elementary kindergartners in Katie Snodgrass’ class shared their culinary suggestions with The State Journal. 

Snodgrass said that each year, she asks her students to write their own instructions for “How to Catch and Cook a Turkey.” She started the tradition after inspiration from her mother, who did a similar activity with her kindergarten classes over 30 years ago.

The prompt is to imagine what the students’ parents would do if they went to a grocery store to buy a frozen turkey, only to find that the store is all out. 

From catching to cooking, here are the instructions: 


Illustration by Baylie Stamper, a kindergartner at Collins Lane Elementary.

Get in your car and drive to a forest to hunt for a turkey. Walk through the branches and leaves and you will see a farm. You will see one turkey. It will have black feathers and a tail and a beak and a brown body. You will have to try and catch the turkey. There will be a gate that is a square and it is around the turkey. Open the gate. You’ll have to be careful to not let it get out. Run and catch it with your hands. Put it in the seat of the car but don’t forget to buckle it in so it doesn’t fly around. Drive home. Make sure to stop at any red lights. Turn on some music like K-LOVE or “Old Town Road” and sing to the turkey to make it calm down.

When you get home, take the turkey in the house and put it on the table. Chop off the head. Take a knife and cut the feathers off. Put it on a cookie sheet that is as big as the turkey’s body. Put chocolate syrup on the outside of the turkey to make it taste yummy. Lay fruit and vegetables around the outside of the turkey. It is now time to make the stuffing. Mix eggs, bacon, lettuce, chicken nuggets and sausage together to make the stuffing. Cut the turkey open and push the stuffing in with your hands. Put the turkey in the oven. Cook the turkey for six minutes at 56 degrees. Set the timer and when it goes off, the turkey will be done.

While the turkey is cooking, decorate your house, set the table, watch some TV shows on your phone, and clean up your house. When the timer says “beep beep,” put mittens or gloves on your hands so they don’t get burned and take the turkey out. Cut the turkey into small pieces. Serve it to your family. It will taste good!

Happy Thanksgiving!



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