The WesBanco Student of the Week is Stella Ruwet. 

The Franklin County High School sophomore was nominated by her English teacher Amber Hyatt. 

“This student always gives exemplary effort in class assignments and the way she collaborates with her teacher and peers,” Hyatt wrote in her nomination. “Stella is a light and leader in her Pre-AP English course and is always willing to help others when needed.”

Ruwet is the daughter of Joshua and Stephanie Ruwet. 

State Journal: What do you like about FCHS? 

Stella Ruwet: I have a sweet group of friends. I’m in choirsters, so that’s where most of friends are from, so it’s like a built-in friend group because I start with that class in the morning. I really like my French teacher Mr. (Terry) Johnson and my English Teacher Ms. Hyatt is great. Really, all of my teachers are great. I don’t have a bad teacher. This is actually my first year. I was homeschooled before, like last year. So, this is my first year in a public school since first grade. 

SJ: What is your favorite class? 

SR: Either French or choirsters or English. They are kind of all tied. 

SJ: What kind of afterschool activities do you do? 

SR: There’s HOSA, which is the nursing club, and Beta Club and the Drama Club. I play piano. I’m not currently taking lessons because we just got really busy, but I’m in “The Sound of Music: The Musical” with The Theatre Downstream in Henry County. 

SJ: What do you want to do after you graduate high school?

SR: I’m still trying to decide. I wanted to be a nurse for a little bit and then I wanted to be a therapist, but before that I wanted to sing, do something with music, but now I don’t really know, so I’m tied between the three of them, just deciding what I want to do. 

SJ: What are you looking forward to for the rest of the school year? 

SR: I’m looking forward to the musical. They just announced it. “Little Shop of Horrors.” It will be fun whether you are on-stage or in the crew because you got the big plant projects to do. That and I just seeing where things go… It’s just interesting to see the differences and it’s just new. It doesn’t really feel like I’m a public schooler yet. It still feels like I’m still shadowing somebody or something. Just seeing what other stuff awaits, I guess. 

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