The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation are big fans of the program that Kentucky educators Jalina Wheeler and Kristi Whittaker have created.

Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation

Kids Rising Up through Support and Healing (KRUSH) was created for students who are dealing with family members that are or have been incarcerated. It was made by educators for educators. It’s a perfect mix of resources for educators to connect to the kids that need it most. And those kids are the ones their mission serves. So, they teamed up with KRUSH last year. 

“It’s an honor to learn from them and partner with them to help take this training statewide and beyond. Knowing the magnitude of the issue, it’s difficult to find how we can help the most kids... but the answer is through our school system,” said Amy Snow, WJRF president. “What Jalina and Kristi put together is a perfect match for that. The program is aligned to our state and national standards and that’s huge!” 

In 2020, KRUSH has virtually trained more than 150 educators across the state (and a couple out of state). The WJRF is here to help spread the word and assist in trainings, but the work that KRUSH has done is amazing!

The foundation is grateful for their inspiration, their hard work and their passion to connect with the kids they serve. They’ve been dreaming up a KRUSH Camp for kids that have attended programs during the school year.

This camp would be fun and engaging, but also bridge the summer gap for the kids that need that connection the most. It would also be free.

Under the leadership of Wheeler and Whittaker, Franklin County educators have been dreaming of a KRUSH summer camp at Franklin County High School this July, but as you can imagine plans have changed along with the rest of 2020. That did not stop them from producing something beneficial for the kids. 

This coming week, 50 kids in Franklin County will participate in KRUSH Camp in a Box. (That’s not counting the kids that Wheeler and Whittaker already delivered to.) Most of these kids have attended a KRUSH group at their school in the last year.

KRUSH groups are currently active at several schools in Franklin County and more will be starting this coming school year. After school was released this year, KRUSH groups continued to meet virtually. 

Camp boxes are being delivered to kids around the county this week. Boxes include daily lessons and activities, a journal, games, a water bottle, bubbles, a KRUSH T-shirt, a WJRF wristband, balls, ping pong paddle boards, drawstring bag, chalk, snacks and more.

Daily inspirational talks for the kids will be given by educators and the foundation’s very own Dale Robinson. Facebook followers of WJRF can find these talks on their Facebook page.

Tune in to see what this program is all about. (Brownie points if you share them with your friends. We could all use a little inspiration right now.) 

A shoutout not only to Wheeler and Whittaker, but also to all educators who have trained and implemented KRUSH programs at their schools. This is all volunteer work. They aren’t getting paid extra to run these groups.

The Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation provides each group in our county with a $300 stipend per year to use however they wish to benefit their KRUSH group, but the only benefits the educators receive are the ones in their heart for connecting to their students. 

Don’t worry, KRUSH is saving their awesome summer camp plans for next year. The 

foundation’s hope is that together they can provide an experience complete with music, animals, sports and, of course, support and inspiration for the kids. 

Want to bring KRUSH to your school? Learn more about KRUSH at

Learn more about the foundation’s partnership with them at Find the Wanda Joyce Robinson Foundation and KRUSH on Facebook to see KRUSH Camp in a Box at work this coming week. 

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