State Journal reporters take to the streets for this weekly feature in which we ask for your opinions on a variety of topics — some weighty, some light. Since Chuck Adams was named Frankfort' s new police chief on Thursday, we asked residents what issues they would like law enforcement to address or continue to address in Frankfort. 


"I think I like that I see them doing positive things in the community... I guess you are seeing them out more on a personal basis with people." — Debra Boggs (Photo by McKenna Horsley)


"Address the drug issues in the community. Continue to keep it off the streets and away from our youth." — Stephanie Collins (Photo by McKenna Horsley)


“I have to be honest, I’ve never had an encounter with a city policeman so I have no real founding to either complain or congratulate because I’ve not had any instances with them. But I would like to think that they are doing a great job. Even though I don’t live in the city, I live in the county and work in the city, I drive through the city all the time and you see them on patrol, you see them watching the speeders on the Connector, which is a good thing because some people drive too fast. I think right now, from the perspective of never having a real encounter, they are doing a fine job.” — Larry Clarke (Photo by McKenna Horsley)


"I think getting out in the community like they have been. The more contact with the community, the better." — Janis Frient (Photo by McKenna Horsley)

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