WesBanco Student of the Week

Madyson Harris

The WesBanco Student of the Week is Madyson Harris, a sophomore at Franklin County High School. 

Harris was nominated by English teacher Amber Hyatt, who called her a role model to her peers. 

“This student has made so much growth in and out of the classroom between her freshman and sophomore year,” Hyatt wrote in nominating Harris. “She is now a leader in the classroom, stays attentive at all times, and gives her best effort on every assignment completed in class.”

Harris is the daughter of Brian and Tonja Harris. 

State Journal: What are some of the things you enjoy at Franklin County High School?

Harris: I enjoy the teachers. They are nice. Ms. Hyatt, she is a good teacher. She just stays very focused and she is nice and funny. She seems like she cares a lot about the students. 

SJ: What is an activity that you enjoy?

MH: I like to hang out with my friends after school, and I love to watch Netflix when I don’t have anything to do. Right now, I’m watching “13 Reasons Why,” but I just finished “The Vampire Diaries.” 

SJ: What do you want to do after high school?

MH: I want to work with animals, so probably a vet assistant. They are so sweet and they are just like people, too. My dog (Gima) is my best friend.

SJ: What is your favorite subject at school?

MH: That would have to be English. It seems like the easiest class, and Ms. Hyatt makes it more enjoyable. She makes me want to be there. 

SJ: Do you have a mentor at the school? 

MH: My sister (Shianne Harris), she is a senior. She is good in school. She is really smart. She gets good grades, too.


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