Nick Boswell, a senior at Franklin County High School, is this week's WesBanco Student of the Week. Recently, Boswell became a student coach for the FCHS football team. Head coach Eddie James, one of Boswell’s teachers, brought him into the role so Boswell could find his niche at the school. 

Boswell has high-function autism, said his mother, Jayme Boswell. He was officially diagnosed with it in fourth grade. 

State Journal: What is your favorite part about being a student coach?  

Nick Boswell: Being part of a team. 

SJ: How do you think the team will do this season? 

NB: Pretty well. I know that they are going to take down Western Hills. 

SJ: What other activities do you enjoy?

NB: Usually in the summertime, I sometimes foster for the (Franklin County) Humane Society. Two of my cats were a big foster fail. One of them we knew we were going to adopt, which was the orange and white one, Justin Pumpkin. He's a little chubby one. But Ross the Boss, he was not like any other foster batches I've had. This guy was actually half-dead; he had failure to thrive. He was about to die. My mom wasn't really sure about him either. She said, "We just had two dogs die and now you're giving us a dead cat." This cat, I had to raise him. I had to feed him from a bottle with an eyedropper. He wouldn't eat.

SJ: What will you do after high school? 

NB: I'm going to do some co-op training for an electrician. And once I am ready to go to college, I'm going to take electrical engineering. And I'm going to be an electrician because we have a big shortage of them here. 

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