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Taylor Banta, a junior on Franklin County’s girls soccer team, has been selected as the Traditional Bank Athlete of the Week.

Banta scored four goals and had two assists as the Lady Flyers opened their season Monday with a 10-0 win at Bryan Station.

Taylor Banta

Franklin County soccer player Taylor Banta has been selected as the Traditional Bank Athlete of the Week. (Linda Younkin)

Banta began playing soccer when she was 3 years old and in the last 13 years has played multiple positions. She’s currently a forward for FCHS, and she’s been a member of the varsity team for three years.

She plays select soccer with Javanon out of Louisville.

Banta is the daughter of Ginny and Todd Banta.

State Journal: What’s your favorite thing about soccer?

Banta: I definitely love playing with the players and developing that bond. I like the adrenaline and the thrill of competing, and seeing yourself improve and your skills on the field improve.

SJ: What’s your favorite position to play in soccer?

Banta: Forward. I get to use my speed, and you get to score a lot of goals. You get to be at the top and see the whole field.

SJ: Did you set any personal goals before the season?

Banta: Mainly to be better than last year and to have the most goals and assists that I can. I was ranked in state last year in assists, and I definitely want to beat that.

SJ: Who has had the most influence on your athletic career?

Banta: Probably my old coach, Coach P (Tex Pulcifer). He was my coach for five years (with Frankfort Fury). He did a lot for us.

SJ: Do you have any team goals for this season?

Banta: At the beginning of the year we have to write down three personal goals and three team goals and give them to Coach. Mine were to win district, hopefully get far in the region and definitely get a good record for the year.

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