The Franklin County and Western Hills swim teams competed in a quad meet March 27 with the Christian Academy of Louisville and host South Oldham.

Local winners were Franklin County’s Collin Matthews in the 100-yard butterfly and 100-yard backstroke and Western Hills’ Brenna Jackson in the 100-yard butterfly, Peyton Zinner in the 500-yard freestyle and Garrett Foster in the 200-yard freestyle.

WHHS’ 200-yard freestyle relay team of Evan Sinor-Huggins, Hunter Foster, Garrett Foster and Joey Curtsinger and FCHS’ 400-yard freestyle relay team of Matthews, Braden Kalla, Christian Adkins and Maximus Briedert both posted wins.

FCHS finished second in the boys and girls team standings behind South Oldham. WHHS was third in the boys team standings and fourth in the girls standings.

Here are the results for the local competitors.


200-yard IM: 2. Olivia Adkins (FC) 2:53.66.

50-yard freestyle: 9. Savannah Salchli (FC) 37.72.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Brenna Jackson (WH) 1:14.32.

100-yard freestyle: 9. Savannah Salchli (FC) 1:25.42.

500-yard freestyle: 1. Peyton Zinner (WH) 6:17.66, 3. Sidney Wix (F) 7:02.08.

100-yard backstroke: 2. Brenna Jackson (WH) 1:16.24, 3. Olivia Adkins (FC) 1:19.67, 4. Sidney Wix (FC) 1:23.42.

100-yard breaststroke: 2. Peyton Zinner (WH) 1:22.15.


200-yard medley relay: 2. WHHS (Hunter Foster, Joey Curtsinger, Garrett Foster, Evan Sinor-Huggins) 2:02.62.

200-yard freestyle: 1. Garrett Foster (WH) 2:11.83.

200-yard IM: 3. Hunter Foster (WH) 2:30.27, 5. Garrett Bourne (FC) 2:56.82.

50-yard freestyle: 2. Evan Sinor-Huggins (WH) 24.89, 3. Joey Curtsinger (WH) 26.83, 4. Jackson Prewitt (FC) 27.77, 6. Logan Prewitt (FC) 31.95.

100-yard butterfly: 1. Collin Matthews (FC) 1:04.92.

100-yard freestyle: 2. Evan Sinor-Huggins (WH) 55.03, 3. Garrett Foster (WH) 59.49, 4. Braden Kalla (FC) 1:01.23, 5. Jackson Prewitt (FC) 1:01.65, 6. Maximus Briedert (FC) 1:02.97, 7. Logan Prewitt (FC) 1:11.11, 8. Garrett Bourne (FC) 1:13.56.

200-yard freestyle relay: 1. WHHS (Evan Sinor-Huggins, Hunter Foster, Garrett Foster, Joey Curtsinger) 1:46.78, 3. FCHS (Logan Prewitt, Garrett Bourne, Christian Adkins, Jackson Prewitt) 2:03.77.

100-yard backstroke: 1. Collin Matthews (FC) 1:03.74, 2. Hunter Foster (WH) 1:10.53, 3. Braden Kalla (FC) 1:11.63, 4. Christian Adkins (FC) 1:18.43.

100-yard breaststroke: 3. Maximus Briedert (FC) 1:19.20, 4. Joey Curtsinger (WH) 1:25.49.

400-yard freestyle relay: 1. FCHS (Collin Matthews, Braden Kalla, Christian Adkins, Maximus Briedert) 4:04.05.

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