Here are the results of recent league play at Juniper Hill.

Wednesday Ladies League

The Juniper Hill Wednesday Ladies Golf League played Sept. 4 with 41 golfers participating.

First Flight: Connie Wiard, first low gross; Connie Goins, second low gross; Judy Halasek, first low net; Charlotte Pyles, second low net

Second Flight: Barb Reynolds, first low gross; Rose Caudle, second low gross; Barb Terrell, first low net; Elizabeth Coleman, second low net

Third Flight: Cathy Kays, first low gross; Audie Rodgers, second low gross; Janice Anglin, first low net; Sherry White, second low net.

Fourth Flight: Donna Grimes, first low gross; Jill Lancaster, second low gross; Rose Tomlinson, first low net; Anne Hilen, second low net

Low putts: Linda Moore (27)

Chip-ins: Connie Wiard (2), Linda Moore (2), Sandra Shelton, Cathy Kays, Jill Lancaster, Billie Robinson, Rose Caudle

Late Swingers

The Juniper Ladies Late Swingers League played Sept. 3 with 38 golfers participating.

Division 1

First Flight: Becky Bibro, first low gross; Linda Moore, second low gross; Debbie Wash, first low net; Charlotte Nelson, second low net

Second Flight: Esther Wilhoyte, first low gross; Lisa Brewer, second low gross; Susan Rodgers, first low net; Tammy McMichael, second low net (scorecard playoff)

Division 2

First Flight: Cathy Kays, first low gross; Jill LeMaster, second low gross; Karen Thompson, first low net; Lee Ann Mahy, second low net


First Flight: Fran Terhune, first low net

Golf 101

First Flight: Kathy Dennis, first low gross

Next week, Division 1 will play on the front nine, and Division 2, Wildcat and Golf 101 will play on the back nine.

Play begins at 3 p.m.

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