Here are the results of league play this week at Juniper Hill.

Wednesday Ladies League

The Juniper Hill Wednesday Ladies Golf League played this week.

First Flight: Charlotte Nelson, first low gross; Connie Goins, second low gross (scorecard playoff); Charlotte Pyles, first low net; Judy Halasek, second low net

Second Flight: Barb Reynolds, first low gross; Susan Goins, second low gross; Sherry Ison, first low net; Billie Robinson, second low net

Third Flight: Carolyn Sheffield, first low gross; Elizabeth Coleman, second low gross; Carol Payton, first low net; Audie Rodgers, second low net.

Fourth Flight: Donna Grimes, first low gross; Shirley Dukes, second low gross; Anne Hilen, first low net; Jill Lancaster, second low net

Wildcat Flight: Ruth Hinkle, first low net

Low putts: Judy Halasek

Chip-ins: Connie Wiard, Julie Dawson, Sherry Ison, Barb Terrell, Sarah Wilding

Next week there will be a business meeting at 8 a.m., and play will begin at 8:30 a.m. 

Late Swingers

The Juniper Ladies Late Swingers League played Thursday with 51 golfers participating. 

Division 1

First Flight: Tara Purvis, first low gross; Brenda Shipp, second low gross (scorecard playoff); Aggie Hampton, first low net; Linda Moore, second low net

Second Flight: Phyllis Marshall, first low gross; Natalie Britton, second low gross; Teresa Coleman, first low net; Robin Moore, second low net

Third Flight: Jane Breidert, first low gross (SCP); Karen Pilcher, second low gross (SCP); Tammy McMichael, first low net; Susan Rodgers, second low net.

Division 2

First Flight: Melinda Holbert, first low gross; Cathy Kays, second low gross (SCP); Jill Lancaster, first low net; Pat House, second low net


First Flight: Leigh Ann Bates, first low net

Golf 101

First Flight: Shelley Wood, first low gross

Chip-ins: Phyllis Marshall, Sharon Edwards

Correction: Esther Wilhoyte was second low net in Division 1,Third Flight last week.

Next week, Division 1 will play on the back nine, and Division 2, Wildcat and Golf 101 will play on the front nine.

Play begins at 3 p.m. 

Senior Men

The Larry Watson Senior League played Chicago points Thursday.

Division A

1. Jim Clark, 2. Danny Quire, 3. Ernie Stallard, 4. Kat Veerasethakul, 5. Mike Waldner, 6. Rick Young, 7. Rich Eversman, 8. Howard Hazelwood, 9. Bennie Thurman, 10. Tom Riffe

Division B

1. Jim Bartram, 2. Curtis Smoot, 3. Glenn Murphy, 4. Ricky Groves, 5. Rich Kozenski, 6. Carky McCarthy, 7. Ed Palko, 8. Cecil Hulette, 9. Richard MacDonald, 10. Don Mattingly

Skins: Rick Young (No. 2), Jim Clark (No. 6), Donnie Cloud (No. 11), Ernie Stallard (No. 12)

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